Aesthetic Dentistry

Beautiful smile and healthy teeth

Thanks to today's technology, we can treat our teeth for a lifetime, but also aesthetically adjusted to be completely satisfied with the result.

Aesthetic dentistry brings together all dental disciplines that will help the patient to have a beautiful smile and self-confidence.


Under aesthetic dentistry we include everything from dental hygiene to correction of color, shape and position of teeth: aesthetic fillings (photocomposite fillings - so-called white fillings) and prosthetic work: photoceramic facets, metaloceramic or ceramic crowns, orthodontic treatment of braces, implant treatments or periodontal treatment of gums, tooth whitening by the dentist or home bleaching.

WHAT is THE facet crown (veneers)?

The facet is a thin ceramic slice that sticks to the tooth. In local anesthesia, the tooth will prepared in the thin layer. After making impression of the prepared tooth, thin ceramic slices will produce in the dental laboratory, which is then glued to the teeth by special cement.

Using the facets, a slight loss of hard tissue, aesthetic tooth defects in shape and color, and other defects caused by developmental damage can be compensated. An appropriately chosen facet can help to change the whole smile of the patient.


If the tooth is severely irreversible, we make a crown. We offer crowns all-ceramic or metal-ceramic (reinforced with metal construction). The optical properties of both materials are very aesthetic. Choosing the closest shade of the natural color of the patient's teeth makes the crown very close to the appearance of the original teeth.


By bleaching we can achieve a lightening of the natural tone of the teeth for a long time. The color of pigments in food and beverages, most often in black tea, coffee, bikes, red wine, the effects of smoking, as well as the use of antibiotics, are the cause of darkening of the teeth. Different colors can also cause by increased fluoride intake - fluorosis of the teeth which appears  as white spots on tooth surfaces.

We offer two tooth whitening options to our clients

Ordination bleaching (supervised by a doctor)

During ordinal bleaching, we apply a special bleaching gel to the tooth enamel to let it work for a while. Then rinse the gel. We repeat the procedure on the other jaws. The result is always dependent on the quality of the enamel, stage of the oral hygiene and amount of external pigmentations on dentition (eg smoking, coffee, tea ...).

Home bleaching

In the Laboratory we make, according to your dentition, thin plastic molds into which we put bleaching gel. The molds are firmly pressed against your teeth and can work for several hours or overnight as needed. If you are not satisfied with the shape, position or color of your dentition, our dentists will be happy to advise you an appropriate and cost-effective treatment of your smile.


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